Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inland Empire Magazine Best Mother’s Day Present… Ever!!!

This year,  I received the best Mother’s Day present ever!  I was featured in the May 2012 edition of Inland Empire Magazine!!!! Now for those of you that don’t know, Inland Empire Magazine has been the leading publication for over 30 years, in this every expanding Inland Empire market. It features monthly articles on current events, reviews, and the “who’s who” in the Inland Empire in Southern California and they chose to feature me…the Superbondgirl®! Since it is a regional publication, I have pasted the article below for everyone’s review. If you have ever wanted to know more about me or what I do, give it a read! :-)
I would like to thank Tammi Minn for writing this article and photographer Aubrey Noelle for a really fun photo shoot!  http://www.inlandempiremagazine.com/

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Friday, June 22, 2012

There Comes a Reckoning

I used to “trust” anyone who wore a law enforcement uniform. I used to admire those who had taken an oath to “Protect and Serve” our communities. I saw these people as the “chosen ones” and I was so supportive to those who “we the people” had trusted with guns, badges and authority. Why? Because I was married to one of THOSE so called “heroes”, right?

I am a very open person. As such, I am not afraid to speak about my experiences, even my experiences with law enforcement personnel here in southern California. I have to say, most of those experiences are not very pleasant.

As many of you know by now; in 2008, my ex-husband (and Deputy Sheriff) Javier hit himself on the neck, called the cops on me, and accused me of Domestic Violence. I actually feel bad for Javier now. He has told himself so many different versions of his own “story”, that he doesn’t know which version is the truth anymore! He literally can’t tell the difference between his lies and the truth. Isn’t that sad? The way I see it, it doesn’t matter how much he twists the story, either way, he looks like a true “Douchebag”! 

After I was arrested, I was devastated! Especially once I found that I couldn’t contact nor see my own children due to the criminal charges Javier was trying so hard to create against me, “the mother of his kids”.  During the turmoil following my arrest based on false accusations, I had a conversation with my friend Cindy. I told Cindy that I was going to file a complaint against Javier because he continued to lie. Since he was one of the “chosen” few, a cop, sworn to uphold the law, I was really hopeful that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would help my family. I figured they would at least be disappointed to discover that they had such a dishonest member among them, one who is a disgraced to their department and their uniform.

My friend Cindy warned me not to file a complaint. She said that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was not going to do anything about my situation, because cops just “cover up” for each other, and that a complaint would just be a waste of my time.

However, at that time, I still “trusted” those in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. After all, I had attended many of the family seminars and counseling sessions where the Sheriff’s Department encouraged and invited the wives of deputies to be a part of the “Law Enforcement ‘Family’”.

So on June 20, 2008, I called the LASD line at 1-800-698-8255. I requested to file a complaint against Javier. The watch commander on shift was Diana V. Gealta and she took my information and filled out a “Service Comment Report”. Ms. Gealta told me that she was going to forward my information to Lieutenant Cynthia Conner the watch commander in Twin Towers Correctional Facility at the time, where Javier still works today.

Lieutenant C. Antuna
On August 19, 2008 (almost 2 months later, to the day), I received a letter from the Twin Towers Jail Administration – Room E 892, stating that my complaint had been received and it was being investigated by Lieutenant Connor and if I had any questions about my complaint, to contact Lieutenant Antuna at (213) 893-5045. Once I received that letter, I found some peace in knowing that the LASD was actually investigating my complaint.

Months went by, and yet I received no response. I got so caught up with all my family matters, divorce proceedings, custody issues, criminal issues, work life, etc., that I just waited for someone from the sheriff’s department to get in contact with me. After all, I “trusted” that they were doing their job!

Finally the morning of February 5th, 2009 ( a bit less than 8 months after filing my complaint) I made a phone call to Lieutenant Antuna. A very nice lady by the name of Letty, let me know that Lieutenant Antuna didn’t work there anymore and that Lieutenant Slaugther was the new Watch Commander. I left a message with Letty asking Lieutenant Slaugther to return my phone call. After all of that time, I wanted to know what the status of my complaint was.

Lieutenant Slaugther called me back on the same day at 12:20pm. He told that he was the watch commander and that he had reviewed my complaint. He then asked me if it was okay for him to record our conversation, and I responded, “Absolutely not!”

Lieutenant Slaugther began asking me questions about the incident between Javier and me; and after five to ten minutes of what felt like an interrogation, he finally told me that Lieutenant Cynthia Conner had closed the investigation of my complaint after speaking with me back in October. I gasped and replied, “WHAT?!?!  I’ve never spoken to Cynthia Conner or any other watch commander! I keep waiting for someone from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to contact me, but no one has done so, not until I called you and you called me back today!”

Lieutenant Slaugther then said, “You received a letter dated October 6, 2008 stating that Lieutenant Cynthia Conner spoke to you and discussed the outcome of her investigation” I couldn’t believe what Slaugther was telling me!!! I said, “There’s a letter?!?! I’ve never received a letter!!! What do you think I’m calling you now for? Because I’ve never got a phone call, a letter, an email, absolutely NOTHING from the sheriff’s Department!!!” 

I was so upset; I couldn’t believe that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was covering up for Javier! Just like my friend Cindy had predicted! I felt betrayed and angry because I “trusted” the LASD!  I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness! How stupid am I?”

I then said to Lieutenant Slaugther, “So, you’re telling me that the LASD is covering up for Javier! That’s just wonderful! So, it’s perfectly okay with you that ‘your’ deputy is a complete liar! No wonder Javier used to tell me all the time, that he knew how to ‘manipulate the truth’! That means he’s trained to lie!”

Lieutenant Slaugther then told me, “Look Nancy! It’s too bad that you went to jail! But, we’re not going to do anything against ‘our’ deputy! We stand 100% behind ‘our’ deputy!” Oh Wow! This kind of behavior in men, I call: “The Power of The Penis” means that some men will make any excuses to defend each other’s behaviors even if they had committed serious crimes, even killing or raping someone. They may even commit a felony or help one another be unfaithful in marriage, etc. It doesn’t matter what they do, as long as they support each other! It’s everybody else’s fault but theirs; and their male friends, fathers or brothers will always defend them! It’s just plain disgusting and disturbing behavior!

I was outraged by Lieutenant Slaugther smart ass attitude! And I told him, “Listen to me! I don’t know “how”? And I don’t know “when”? But I’m going to expose you and your cover-up! I will NEVER stop talking about how the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is standing 100% behind a fucking liar!” Slaugther then said to me, “Nancy you can do whatever you want, we really don’t care what you’ll do!”

Oh Wow! Well, what can I expect from a department that has been investigated by the FBI due to the “Power of the Penis Behavior” within the jail system? To the point to where not even the actual “Sheriff” knows what goes on inside his “own” department! It’s so embarrassing! And we’re supposed to “trust” these people??? Really??? Seriously??? HOW?!?!?!?!

Dear Lieutenant Slaugther:

Four years almost to the date, that I initially filled the complaint against Javier, I now know “how” and “when”. I’m exposing you and your cover-up! I told you that I will NEVER stop talking about how the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is standing 100% behind a fucking liar. Today, I’m keeping my word! Let’s see if “your” department really doesn’t care about the things that I will do. Remember knowledge is power, and the truth can be a mighty powerful “light” to the dark sewer rats that choose to lie, cheat, and/or support those that do. ;-)


Nancy Tiscareno
Super Bond Girl

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Pursuit of Happiness!

After checking out Times Square the night of January 23th, I walked back to my room at the Hudson Hotel.  I was exhausted and I couldn’t wait to go to sleep; but, at the same time, I was super excited because I knew I was coming out on the Anderson Cooper show the following day.  

I woke up around 8am (EST) on Tuesday January 24th.   My daughter, Rio, was turning 14 on that same day.  So, I wrote to her a very nice note on Facebook and I assured her that I was going to be home that same night, in time to sing her Happy Birthday and eat some cake! ;-)

I walked to Starbucks to get my coffee (I can’t function if I don’t have coffee in the morning!) and I bought a breakfast sandwich at the local Subway. Once back at my hotel, I began getting ready for the show. 

I had several outfit choices; but, of course I couldn’t make up my mind! So, since I’m a girl, I began my own fashion show right there in my room. LOL! I was trying on different shirts and different shoes. At this point, I had all my clothes spread out all over my bed and had so many shoes on the floor that I totally felt like a teenager again! Hahahahaha!!!...

The day before I left for New York, I stopped at a little clothing store close to my house. I was looking for nude colored shoes, but as I walked into the store; I noticed from the corner of my eye, a pair of “Hot Pink Stilettos” and let’s just say that I discovered then, that “Love at first sight” really does exist!!! And after trying on several shoe choices, I concluded that the Hot Pink Stilettos were still the ones I wanted! <3

I was told by the producers the day before, that someone from the show was going to pick me up on Tuesday at 11am from the hotel lobby. And sure enough, 10 minutes before 11am; a nice gentleman called me and said that he was already waiting for me in the lobby to take me to the studio.

I met him in the lobby and we both walked to the studio. The Jazz at Lincoln Center, where the Anderson Cooper show is taped twice a day, was almost across the street from the Hudson Hotel. We arrived at the studio and the nice gentleman took me to a very large room and told me that one of the producers was going to meet me there. I looked out the huge windows and I could see Central Park, the very tall NYC buildings and the Columbus Circle! Aww! I truly love New York!

After a few minutes, Sarah, the segment producer, came and met with me. I’d spoken to her over the phone on several occasions and exchanged numerous emails prior to my NYC trip; and by the way she expressed herself, I concluded that she was younger than me. It wasn’t until I physically met her on that morning, that I realized Sarah is a gorgeous, super tall, kindhearted, very smart young lady.  I didn’t ask her how old she is, but I’m sure she’s not older than 28. She’s very young and beautiful.

Sarah began to go over a few questions that they were potentially going to be asking me during the taping. At this point, I still didn’t know anything about what was I supposed to do. And from where I was sitting I could see the audience, from the first show’s taping, leaving the studio. 

Then Sarah dropped a bombshell on me! She said, “Katherine Heigl is in the show today and she’s going to be talking about her new movie ‘One for the Money’ where she plays a bail bond agent. At the end of her interview, Anderson is going to have her play a game where she has to guess from a panel of 3 women, who the real bail bond agent is. And she would have to guess it’s you because you’re the only bail agent out in the panel, the other two ladies are extras. The audience is going to participate too; they’ll be given 3 numbers to choose from”.

I smiled at Sarah and told her that I was really excited! But at the same time, I was telling myself, “HOLD THE PHONE!!!... What did she just tell me?!?!?!...  Oh my goodness! That means that they flew me from Los Angeles to New York City to be in a segment of the Anderson show, a segment where I’m going to be the 'center of attention?!?!'”… OK! No pressure! LOL!!! ;-)

I was so excited I called my sister. I told her what the show was going to be about, and she laughed and said, “You got this sis!” Shortly thereafter I met with both ladies (the pretend bail bond agents). We introduced each other, Sophia told me that she is a standup comedian in NY; and Anna said that she had dated a mobster and she was about to tell her story to “Mobster wives” (I don’t know about that! It might not be a good idea…I’m just saying) and then we had lunch together.

While we were having lunch, another producer came in and gave each of us a T-shirt that read “Who’s the Bond Girl?” My shirt had the number 1 on it, Sophia’s had number 2 and Anna’s had number 3. The audio technician came next with the microphones; he wired us up and made sure the microphones were working.

Once we finished our lunch, it was time for “make-up”. (Aww! I love getting all dolled up!) One of the assistants from the show came to pick us up from the room where we were at, and walked with us to the make-up room. As we were walking I turned into the hallway and I saw Anderson Cooper for the very first time; he was walking with five other people in our direction. As we saw each other, just in passing, Anderson looked in our direction and he said Hi! With a really big smile!  Oh my goodness! This man is so handsome!!! :-D

We got to the make-up room and the make-up artists and hair stylists began to retouch us. My makeup artist told me she was going to add a little more foundation to my makeup because all the cameras in the show are high definition and in HD everything shows! Oh man! No pressure! LOL!!!

When we were done with our hair and makeup, Sophia, Anna and I began to take some pictures. There was a family from South Carolina also with us in the makeup room. The husband asked what we were there for, so I told him that we were about to come out on a segment about bail bonds. The wife then told me they were about to go out on a different segment about “hoarders” because they used to be hoarders. Oh snap!!!

Then, the husband and the wife began to ask me questions about bail bonds. I began to explain to them the bail process and was so into my conversation when another assistant came to the makeup room and said, “The bond girls, it’s Showtime!” Oh man! At this point I had totally forgotten what I was there for; since I was so busy talking about bail bonds. ;-)

We walked in numeral order to the studio where they were recording. As soon as we came in I could hear Katherine Hiegl’s voice. There’s a small hallway to the right of the stage where the show guests come in. There was a big screen TV to the left side of the hallway where you can see what the cameras are recording and that was the first time I saw Katherine. The make-up artists came to this hallway/room and retouched us one more time.

Anderson then told Katherine, that after the commercial break he was going to have her play a game to see how much she had learned about bail bonds women for her role in the movie “One for Money”.

The show went into commercial break, and it was time for the Bond Girls to come in. As we were walking to the stage, Anderson and Katherine Heigl were getting their makeup retouched; when all of the sudden Anderson walked away from the makeup artists and came to shake our hands and welcome us to his show! Wow! Anderson is not only super handsome; he’s also a gentleman!

The commercial brake happened really fast. The other bond girls and I were told to stand on markers on the stage floor. As I was standing on the stage waiting for the show to begin, I saw how close I was to Katherine Heigl! I love her! I’ve always seen her movies and I think she’s fantastic and funny! And now having her so close to me, was just crazy!!! At this point I began to get really nervous! Every time I get nervous, my mouth dries out and I can’t speak (And for those of you who know me personally, you know that I rarely get nervous, since I can never shut up!) LOL!

I think I was in a state of shock or star struck, I don’t really know? But, I decided at that moment not to make direct eye contact with Katherine, because I was getting too nervous every time I looked at her and I was about to be on a “talk show”.

The heat of the cameras and the lights on stage were intense! And on top of that I was nervous! Oh man! I knew I had to introduced myself in the beginning of the segment, but I was afraid I was going to mess it up since I refer to myself as the “Super Bond Girl” and I knew I had to introduce myself on the show as “the real bond girl”… I was just hoping I wouldn’t say “super” and give it away!

Once the cameras began rolling and the new segment started, I introduced myself and once I realized that I didn’t mess up by saying “super”, I became so comfortable on stage! I totally forgot about the heat of the lights, I was trying to figure out which camera was on me, so I would look directly into it. I looked at the audience and everybody was having a great time!  I realized then that was my moment and there was nothing that was going to go wrong! I only wish I would have mentioned that I once went to the jail wearing my bikini, but I totally forgot about it during the show! LOL!!! Oh wow! :-D

After Katherine Heigl finished asking the game questions, Anderson told her to take a guess on who she thought was the real bail bond agent. Katherine picked Anna and Anderson guessed it was me. I then looked at the audience and most of them had picked #3! I was thinking, “Oh boy, everybody is going to be shocked when they find out that I’m the real bond girl!”

Anderson then said, “Would the real bail bonds agent please step forward” the bond girls and I tricked the audience for a little bit, until I raised my hands and acknowledge it was me. The audience gasped! There were people who cheered, some laughed, and I think there was even a lady who screamed! Everybody was smiling and applauding! What a great moment that was!

I always knew someday I would be recognized for all my hard work, for being different, for willing to step out of my own comfort zone, for following my dreams! But most importantly to me: “FOR NOT GIVING UP!” ever!!!

My story has a very sad beginning; but, it has a really happy ending! Through the years I motived myself by watching the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” based on Chris Gardner’s true life story, played by Will Smith. I can relate so much to Mr. Gardner’s story because my husband left me due to money, (Mr. Gardner’s wife also left him because of money) I’ve been homeless, without money, on food stamps, trying to raise three kids by myself, trying to make ends meet. I always told myself “Don’t give up Nancy!”

Deep inside of me, I had a vision that someday I was going to be on stage and people were going to cheer for me for all the things I’ve been able to accomplish by myself. I prayed to God during New Year’s Eve 2011, and I told Him to please help me write the last chapter of my book; my OWN pursuit of happiness story! Going on the Anderson Cooper show in January 2012, was definitely way more than what I had in mind! Thank you God for always being so wonderful! <3

I always knew that I’m an “extraordinary” person!  I “discovered” that there are no limitations to the things that I can do! With commitment, dedication and hard work; I'm building and following my dreams and helping other people do the same! :-D

Nancy Tiscareno
Super Bond Girl”

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl