Monday, July 30, 2012

Bailing Out! (this time out of an airplane)

I’m the kind of person who lives for the thrill of being “on the edge” So, this past May 16th, I woke up and said, “I feel like skydiving today!”  I then sent a text to my friend Wendy and asked her if she would come with me and she said, “I’ll go watch you…that’s it!” LOL!!

The very last time I tandem skydived was in 1997. At the time I was four months pregnant with my second child. My stomach wasn’t showing yet, so it was really easy to conceal my pregnancy. Lol! (Note: Don’t worry! My daughter Rio is now 14 years old and she is just fine!). Besides, I didn’t want to miss out in the opportunity to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and free fall at 120 miles per hour just because I was pregnant! Come on, you should already know that I’m a dare-devil!

I remember that I had the most amazing feeling once I jumped out of the airplane. I can always pretend I'm Neo from the Matrix as I’m flying through the air...or falling in my case. LOL!!! Skydiving it's the ultimate rush!  Freedom, combine with adrenaline, excitement and speed! Boy! This is definitely something that I can get addicted to!  In all, I’ve skydived 7 times, 6 tandem jumps and one accelerated free fall (jumping by myself without an instructor).  

It’s really hard to describe in words all the emotions and feelings that go through your mind in body when you skydive! That’s why I decided to share with you my skydiving experience and show you my video. Rest assured, this time I was not pregnant! ;-)

 Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl


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