Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"KARMA" pronunciation: "Ha Ha! Fuck You!"

This is my lasts post of 2014! And I guarantee you that I saved the best for last! 

Sometimes I wish I had a camera crew following me around already; so, you can see how crazy my life can get! But then again, perhaps that's not such a good idea because there are times when I really don't want anyone to know what I've done! I'm good at not leaving any evidence behind or anything that is going to incriminate me later on! hahahahaha! You know, after dealing with some cops, hanging out with a few criminals, attorneys and other bail bondsmen, I've learned a thing or two... Lol! 

Anyway, this blog post is about my very first dude who skipped bail on me! Yep! Ladies and gentlemen, I had my very first "bail-jumper" or as we call them in the bail bond world, a "Skip."

I never thought that I would have someone skip bail on me! I treat every single one of my clients with kindness and understanding towards their situation; even though, some of those clients had committed serious crimes. I'm compassionate towards my clients because my job is not to judge them! My job is to provide a service; and, my service is to get them out of jail. And many times, I go out of my way even after my clients are out of custody! I've waited for hours outside the jails until they are released. I've given some of my clients rides back home. I've gone to court with some of them just because they've asked me to accompany them. 

I've never blogged specifically about any of my clients or mentioned their full names or their charges because I believe that my clients deserve their privacy. But, when a fucking asshole, who thinks that he can confuse my kindness for stupidity; then he's obviously going to be in some deep shit! Not only because I'm going to be blogging about him and how pissed off I am! But, also because I will expose him for the whole world to know what kind of scum bag he truly is! 

Tony Soria
So, without further adieu , meet my "skip": TONY SORIA. His real name is actually: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Soria. He uses Tony Soria as his stage name. He thinks that he's going to be a famous boxer someday... Hmmm... 

Tony was the personal trainer of a really good friend of mine; and, we had been Facebook friends since 2010. I didn't meet Tony in person until October 20, 2014 when I received a few phone calls from several of Tony's friends who informed me that Tony was in custody at the Anaheim Police station and he was asking for me. 

I then went to the Anaheim police station and I interviewed him. When I talked to Tony he was almost crying; and, he was shaking up a bit. He pleated with me to bailed him out. He had gotten into a fight and that was the reason he was there; but, he also had a few arrest warrants for not showing up to court for minor traffic issues. Minor Traffic issues are no big deal to me; so, I was like "Fuck it, let's get you out!" 

Once he was released from jail, I told him that his next court date was going to be December 5th 2014. I then drove Tony to a Mexican Restaurant in Anaheim, where we were going to meet with a friend of his who was going to bring his truck. We met with her and we all had lunch together there. 

During lunch,I agreed with Tony that he was going to make a larger payment on his bond two days after his release. We said goodbye and off we went. Tony even posted on my Facebook wall, "God bless you Nancy! Thank you for saving my life today." 

Throughout the next two days, Tony was keeping me informed of what was going on with him, he called me and checked with me. I was happy to see that he was being responsible and keeping his word. But, by the third day, I couldn't get a hold of him anymore. He didn't answer my phone calls or texts. He'd even blocked me from Facebook. Yep! By then, I knew that things were not going to end well with Tony. 

I was embarrassed and pissed off, I was like, "Fuck! This has never happened to me! How am I going to tell my boss about this asshole!" My boss was out of town when I bailed Tony out. So, I waited until his return to tell him about Tony Soria.

I know you're probably surprised to find out that I have boss. But, he's my boss on paper. He doesn't tell me how to do anything. I actually don't see him much or hang out with him. My boss is like a ghost. I don't see him; but, I know he's there! Lol!  

When I spoke to my boss, I told him everything and how things went down with Tony. I honestly didn't know what his reaction was going to be and I was freaking out! He heard me out and asked me a few questions and then he said, "Well, let's give Tony a few days and see what happens. Maybe he got scared? Everything will work out. You'll see." WHAT?!!!!! "Everything will work out"?!!! Man, this dude deserves an award for being the most calm ghost ever! hahahaha!!! I was panicking, I wasn't sleeping, I was nervous, I was angry, I wasn't eating, and my right eye was twitching! The only thing my boss said was, "Everything will work out." Really?!!!

A few days after I spoke to my boss around November 1st or so, I received a text from Tony! He said that he was stabbed outside a nightclub and he sent me pictures of his stab wounds. I immediately called Tony and we spoke. At the time, Tony was already at the hospital an he apologized for not keeping in contact with me. He then said that he was going to have to hide because someone was looking for him and he was scared for his life! At this point I was so pissed off and I told him, "Well, it's too bad that you got stabbed dude; but, that's not my problem! I don't know what the hell you're doing; but, we agreed to something and you're not keeping your part of the deal. You even blocked me from Facebook, that means you're up to no good!" Then he said that he was going to call me back; but, of course he didn't. Tony's court date wasn't until December 5th; so, my boss began to check up on him.

On November 16th, I was sitting on the toilet doing my thing. Lol! I began checking my cellphone and I was scrolling down my Facebook feed; when all of the sudden, I saw Tony Soria's picture featured in the abc7 Eyewitness News website!!!! -The headling read, "WOMAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED" and Tony's bail was 1 million dollars!!! I was like, "WHAT - THE - FUCK?!!!!" I would've loved to tell you that I almost pooped on myself after reading this! But the truth is, that's exactly what I was doing in the shitter at the time! Lol! This was the best example of synchronicity I've ever experienced! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Click on link to read Tony Soria's arrest shown in the news: abc7 - Eyewitness News - Tony Soria Arrest November 16, 2014

I immediately sent a text with the news link to my boss to let him know that Tony Soria was in custody again! And this time, Tony actually made the news! How embarrassing! 

Placentia Police Department - Tony Soria
Once I was done doing my business in the bathroom, I went to my computer and began to do an inmate search on Tony. He was detained on felony charges: 209(B)(1) PC,(kidnapping/robbery), 289(A)(1) PC (sexual penetration against a victim) and 298.1(A) PC (Refuse to provide DNA). In addition to those charges, Tony was also in violation of immigration; that meant that Tony had an immigration hold and he was going to be deported back to Mexico. 

Later on, as I was cooking dinner I was talking to my daughter Sabrina(14) about the whole mess that Tony got himself into. My daughter said shockingly, "Oh wow Mom! You talked to a rapist?!" I responded, "Oh honey, I've talked to rapists, murderers, drug dealers, gangsters, parolees, pimps, prostitutes, judges, cops, born again Christians... I treat everybody the same!"  

My boss, calling me... LOL
I was starting to finally sleep well at night; when on November 19, (three days after Tony made the news) my boss called me and informed me that Tony had been released from jail!!!! The Orange County District Attorney didn't filed charges against him and apparently even the U.S. Immigration Department let him go! Unbelievable!!!! The problem was that we didn't surrender our bonds when Tony was in custody because we figured Tony had an immigration hold; he was not going to go anywhere! In fact my boss was on his way to get our bonds exonerated when he found out about Tony's release. That meant that Tony was free and still out on bail on our bonds! ugh!!!! 

My boss then checked Tony's Facebook status; and, of course he was bragging about how the cops had nothing on him! What I didn't understand at the time was why the Immigration Department let him go even though he had an immigration hold! 

On November 26th, I received a phone call from Tony again! Wow! This dude is something else! I talked to him and I pretended not to know anything about his previous arrest. Gosh! It was so hard for me to talk nicely to him over the phone; but, I needed to see if he was going to give me more information about his whereabouts. Tony then told me that he couldn't tell me where he was at; but, he was calling me to let me know that he was not going to miss his court date on December 5th. I then asked him, "Where are you at again? Are you OK?" Tony replied, "Actually I'm not OK. And I can't tell you where I am." Then I said to myself, "He can't tell me where he is? I know exactly where he is!!! He's in Vegas! Motherfucking asshole!!!" Yep! Mr. Tony Soria had taken off to Las Vegas and by the look of his pictures that he posted on his Facebook, he was having a great time! Jerk!

The following day I received another phone call from Tony. This time he came clean and told me about his arrest and how he ended up in the news. He also confessed and told me that he was in Las Vegas. And then, he said that he was not supposed to be free; but, that the Immigration Department had made a mistake. Ah, no shit! 

Tony said that when he was in custody, there was another man also named, "Jose Antonio Rodriguez" and that the INS agent got confused and released Tony instead of the other man! WOW!!!! That's our U.S. government there for you! Lol! Let's give this idiot Immigration agent a round of applause, shall we... 

I continued my conversation with Tony and he said, "I want to fix my life! That's why I'm going to go to court on December 5th." I was like, "Cool dude! I'll see you at the court then." But, the only reason I was going to show up to his court date was to surrender him back into custody! But, deep inside I knew that Tony was not going to show up.

I then asked my boss if he could be the one surrendering Tony at the court; just in case Tony actually showed up. I didn't want to give Tony any indication that I was going to turn him in. But on December 5th, Tony was a no show. My boss and I were in court; and, I can actually tell you that I felt like shit because I officially had my very first "jumper." My boss told me, "Don't take it personal, Nancy" I told him, "Of course it's personal! Tony only did this to me because I'm a woman!" 

I left the court and I went home. I was so angry the whole day! I don't even know how I even attended my friend Jesse's 40th Birthday party on the same night because quite honestly, I didn't feel like partying at all. I tried having a good time at the party; but, inside of me I just wanted to cry.

A few days went by, and on December 18th; my boss sent me a text telling me that Tony Soria had been arrested since December 12th by the Anaheim Police Department. This time, Tony was picked up for petty theft. I'm happy to inform you that as of today, Tony is still in custody at Men's Jail in Santa Ana awaiting deportation; and, our bonds are exonerated. 

I believe in Karma. But, I've never seen it come full cycle in such a short amount of time as in Tony's case! Am I happy? Of course I am! I had a wonderful Christmas time with my daughters, while Tony is still locked up in jail! That's what he gets for being a dickhead! 

I'm sure he'll get deported to Mexico this time; but, I know for a fact that he'll be back in the United States since he has two kids living here! His ex-wife doesn't let him see the kids; but at this point, I don't blame her! Smart lady! Tony's life is here. And I'm sure he'll be back to do his personal fitness training jobs. The good thing is that from this point on, all his information is out in the open for everyone to know! Beware of Tony Soria. 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, December 15, 2014

You Get What You Give

2014 has been the most productive year for me thus far! I created a couple of internet businesses aside from Super Bond Girl. I was also determined to blog at least once a week during this year; and, I'm happy to share with you that I almost did it! As of today, I've written 44 blog spots! I think I got myself into some major shenanigans (as always); and, I also had good positive changes in my life! No, I didn't get remarried! I experienced a whole year of enlightenment! Life makes sense to me now; and, I don't think I've ever been happier! Sure, I lost a few friendships due to the fact that I always speak my mind; but, that's not going to stop me! Duh! -I even moved to a new residence! Wow! I was really busy this year! But, I have to be honest and tell you that I'm very TIRED! LOL!  

At the end of 2013, I wrote down every single one of my goals and I spread them out into 12 months. I started 2014 on the right track; until, everything went to shit in April when I received the first letter from the attorneys representing the owners of the James Bond films! LOL! Alfred Adler said, "Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement." I knew that by dealing with the James Bond people my life was going to change! The traffic to my blog has doubled since I began writing about Danjaq's opposition to my trademark. I had to research some of the countries where the traffic is coming from because I didn't know where in the world they were! In Spanish we have a saying, "No hay mal que por bien no venga." which
means, "There's nothing bad through which good doesn't come." My friend Jacob called me a couple of months ago and asked how was I doing. I told him that I was super busy dealing with the James Bond lawsuit and he said, "I'm so sorry Nancy." I then told him, "Please don't be sorry! I'm not! I'm actually happy! My brand and I, are getting free worldwide exposure. This is a good thing!" Perhaps, initially this lawsuit look like a bad thing; but, it's not!  It's all about perspective of course; but, most importantly for me it's having the guts to fight for what is mine and to benefit from it! ;-)

One of my concerns this year was to see if I was going to have enough topics to blog about. And, I have to tell you that because I dealt with DC Comics and I'm still dealing with the James Bond people; my "topic box" is piling up with enough material to blog for the next two years!!! See? "No hay mal que por bien no venga." 

Another thing that is major in my life this year, is that I began to experience the so called, "Empty Nest" stage. My daughters come home two weeks out of the month; and, the other two weeks they're at their dad's house. That means that for 15 days during each month, I'm not only a single woman; but, I can be butt-naked in my own house! woohoo!!! ;-) 

My daughter Rio asked me, "How do you feel about having an 'empty nest' already?" I told her, "I feel great! I really like it!" I think that's what is making this transition so easy for me is the fact that I have so much work to do! I don't think about the negative aspects of being home by myself. I think about the positives things like, I don't have to wake up early in the morning and drive kids to school. I don't have to cook. I don't have to clean or do laundry for at least two weeks! LOL! 

I have time to write; which I never thought I was going to like so much!  Every time I'm writing one of my blog posts, I think, "Well, if at least one person can benefit from the information I'm providing then I'm happy" But, the truth is that thousands of people are reading my blog worldwide! I'm still in awe about this!!! I have teenage girls who follow me on Instagram and they send me messages about how much they like my blogs. I was thinking the other day that maybe I should tone it down a bit and minimize the profanity in my writing since I have teenagers now reading my blog. But, I don't want to lose my style of writing and my voice. I want to keep my writing real and honest. 

After I started blogging about DC Comics and James Bond, I received a message from the vice-president of a surety I don't even work for that read,  "You're blog is really fascinating.  I am a big believer in you, your approach, and think you will prevail. I sometimes laugh out loud as I read it-it's entertaining but it's also your real life.  Blows me away.  You amaze me.  Stay strong!" WOW!!! I totally appreciate that! Thank you so much for all the support!

There are some days where I don't feel cheerful nor happy! Maybe I've been dealing with an asshole client; and, I feel completely defeated. Sometimes life truly sucks! And that's when, out of nowhere, I'll get a nice email or a message on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, etc., or even in person, where people are encouraging me to continue! I've always seen this as a sign; that makes me change my attitude and gather my thoughts, so I can keep going!  And it's usually coming from someone who I would've never even imagined! 

I haven't planned out my year for 2015 yet; I'm a little late this time. All I can tell you is that I'm planning on making more videos for my YouTube channels. The problem I have right now is that I'm getting many subscribers and I haven't created more content due to the fact that I'm so busy dealing with my trademark. I'm getting a little frustrated about not having time for my videos! 

This blog should be updated every week on Mondays; but, sometimes I don't get to publish my posts until Wednesday. I also added, just in case you didn't know, a Google Translate App. Now you can translate my blog into 50 different languages! I already saw how my blog looks like in Mandarin! Pretty cool!!!! ;-) 

I've gone to the point where "you get what you give" and that it's truly how my life is! Sometimes we make plans; but, our journey takes us to a whole different destination! For example, I always thought I was going to be married and have kids and a family. Instead, I'm divorced with kids and an audience! LOL! See? that's something that I never expected, but I'm really happy that this is my current situation! :-D  

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm 41 and I'm Still Learning...

My driver's license says that I'll be 41 years old in a few days; but, the weird thing is that my body doesn't feel that old yet! 

Sure! I have a little bit of pain here and there; but, it's not a big deal. Like the pain that I have in my left knee once in a while due to a dirt-bike riding accident I had back in 1998. When I crashed my motorcycle into a ditch; and the impact caused my body to be airborne for what seemed like an eternity! LOL! Oh man! I remember thinking while I was flying on top of the dirt road, "Fuck! By the time I finally hit the ground this shit is gonna hurt!" LOL!!!! Oh, it hurt alright! It hurt so bad that I ended up needing 2 surgeries on my left knee! One surgery to fix my cartilage and another one to repair my ligaments! hahahahahahahaha!!! That's why when I hear people say, "Oh my knee hurts, the weather is just too cold" I'm like, "Shut up! You gotta come up with a better story than mine! Not just that your knee hurts cause it's cold! Pssshh". LOL! 

And then I get to hear people's comments when they find out that I'm 40 and they're like, "No fucking way!!!" hahahahaha!!! Just recently I was volunteering at an event for the Marching Band at my daughters' high school; when the group of ladies who were also volunteering began to introduce themselves and mentioned who their kids were. I told them that my daughters were Rio and Sabrina; and, the whole group knew who my daughters were. Then a lady said to me, "You look so much like your daughter Rio". I said to her, "No, she looks like me! I'm older." LOL! Most of the ladies laughed at my comment; when, I heard another lady say, "That's the problem with you! You look so freaking young! I hate you!!!" hahahahahaha!!!! At least she wasn't hating behind my back, she told that to me right to my face! LOL! Have I found the "Fountain of Youth?" Perhaps... But I'm not telling! LOL! :-P 

My first year into my 40's has been AMAZING! The best year of my life thus far! I'd had a few setbacks; but, there are nothing in comparison with the things I already accomplished and experienced this year! I'm living a truly exciting life! And I think that this change has happened to me because my body is finally aligned with my soul. 

I believe that we are souls having a temporary human experience. We all decided to be here at this time; and, each and one of us has a mission. But, the one million dollar question is, "What's my mission?" Right? I began to ask myself that same question almost every single day since 2009. And right after I turned 40; BAM! I got the answer! I'll tell you what my mission is; but, first I'm going to tell you how I got the answer. 

In late 2012, I began to practice meditation. Meditating is one of the hardest things I've ever done because I have so much chattering going on in my mind; and, sitting still for a while was something that my body was rejecting from the get go! 

The human brain has 70,000 thoughts per day. But, in my case is probably about 100,000 thoughts per day. LOL! Trying to quiet my mind was extremely challenging! I remember the first time I tried it out; I went inside my bedroom closet and closed the door. I figured nobody was going to bother me there; and, I was going to be able to concentrate. I sat in half lotus position with my eyes closed; and, I began to relax and breath slowly. And my first try at meditation went something like this, "What am I going to cook for dinner? Did I take the clothes out of the dryer? Gosh! I don't remember if 'Back to School night' is today or tomorrow? Well, I guess I can check the schedule after I'm done with this meditation. I think I'm only going to cook Spaghetti, I don't feel like cooking tonight! Wait! What was the name of the cute guy at the grocery store? Oh my goodness! I can't believe I forgot! Ah! Who cares? I just call him 'honey' next time I go to the store. Ay! Nancy shut up! Stop thinking about other shit! You're supposed to 'quiet your mind' cabrona! Ok, breath, breath, breath again... Oh, I remember! I did take the clothes out of the dryer! Cool!!!! Ahhh! fuck this meditation is not working! I probably been here about 20 minutes thinking about all kinds of shit and I'm not meditating! Screw it! I'm out of here!" I got up, I opened the closet door and I looked at the clock; and then, I realized that I'd been inside the closet for only 3 minutes! hahahahahaha!!!! 

Even though I'd failed at the my first meditation attempt; I was determined to continue trying until I succeed. I'd read about all the benefits from meditation and I was super excited to experience those benefits myself. Meditation can help us to:

-Lower blood pressure.

-Relax the nervous system.

-Diminish intensity of headaches and migraines.

-Free the mind from self-doubt and internal chatter.

-Reduce anxiety.

-Generate optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

-Restore balanced function to the digestive system aiding absorption of nutrients.

-Relieve muscle tension.

-Relieve Insomnia.

-Release fear.

-Improve depression.

After two years of continuously trying Meditation, I'm very happy to share with you that I can now meditate for ONE WHOLE HOUR!!!! I know! Sometimes I don't even believe it myself; but, I'm able to quiet my mind for 60 minutes! I try to meditate every day; but, sometimes I get too busy. The longest time I've gone without meditating is two or three days. But, by the third day my body begins to ask for that mental renewal time. I wish someone would have told me about meditation sooner! If I would have meditated since I was a teenager, I probably would have saved myself from a lot of pain and suffering. The good thing is that I've discovered it now; and, I'm currently enjoying all the benefits of meditation! :-)

I'm sure you're curious and want to find out, Why I started meditating? Well, I was fascinated by the fact that our conscious mind controls our brain only 5% of the day. Whereas the subconscious mind has a hold of your thoughts 95% of the time! I was like, "What?! How can I connect more with my subconscious mind?" And, that's when I discovered that meditation can boost our brain power (that's fucking awesome, we have powers!!!!); it's proven to increase IQ and promote higher learning levels. That's why I was so determined and I tried meditation so many times because I really wanted to unleash my powers! LOL! :-P 

By quieting my mind, I can really listen to my soul! I know what you're thinking right now, "What the fuck are you smoking, Nancy?" LOL! Actually, I'm going to share with you that I'm 41; and as of today, I haven't smoked anything "yet". hahahahaha!!! I wanted to find out what my mission was, right? Well, by meditating I found out that I don't have a mission; instead I am a "messenger". I delivered the "message" to you. Whether you live in the Unites States, in Germany, in Argentina or Russia; you're receiving the "message". Perhaps by reading this blog post today, you discovered something new. Or you were wondering about meditation and I just gave you a little introduction. Maybe you'll start you own research right after you get off this page...

By blogging, I've shared with you how I turned something that happened to me; that I thought was really bad into something good by creating Super Bond Girl. Bad things happen to all of us; but, we can always create a better outcome! :-)

I've also shared how I'm standing for my right to own what I've created by fighting for my trademark against Danjaq, LLC the owners of the James Bond films. Many people have asked me, "Why are you even fighting against James Bond? You're not going to win." I don't even respond to those people anymore! Why should I even listen to them; when, I'm already doing something that they haven't done! 

As you see, I'm 41 and I'm still learning... What an amazing time to be alive! Everyday when I wake up, I ask the Universe to grant me enough energy to accomplish the tasks at hand. But the most important thing for me, is to be able to deliver the message in my own way. The message has to include the words: fuck, shit, asshole, etc., otherwise, it won't be me! LMAO!!! And I guess the Universe is cool with that! 

Happy 41st Birthday to my human body! And my soul? 
That one is probably around 1,000 years old! It's been around. LOL! ;-) 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm an ENFJ ... And you?

In early 2000, I was attending Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA and one of the courses I took was: Life Management. In this class I learned about The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. The MBTI is a tool that you can use when you want an accurate profile of your personality type. This tool was developed in the 1940s by Isabel Briggs Myers and the original research was done in the 1940s and '50s. 

According to Carl G. Jung's theory of psychological types [Jung, 1971], people can be characterized by their preference of general attitude:

* Extraverted (E) vs. Introverted (I),

their preference of one of the two functions of perception:

* Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N),

their preference of one of the two functions of judging:

* Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)

and their judging-perceiving relationship:

* Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

All possible combinations of preferences in the 4 divisions above yield 16 different personality types. Each personality type can be assigned a 4 letter acronym of corresponding combination of preferences:

And once I took the assessment test, I discovered that I'm an ENFJ Personality Type - also known as: The Teacher. ENFJ's account for about 2–5% of the world population. -See? And you think that I'm crazy... I'm unique! LOL! 

These are some of the ENFJs personality type characteristics: 

  • Making others feel valued and important.
  • Quickly seeing the positive and negative aspects of a human situation.
  • Expressing their feelings clearly.
  • Offering loyalty and commitment to partners, family and work mates.
  • Trying to always find the solution which works for everyone
  • Encouraging humor and self expression in others.
  • Finding ways to help others fulfill their needs.
  • Affirming positive community values.
  • Naturally falling into leadership roles within their community. 

ENFJs who have developed their Introverted Intuition can also enjoy these special gifts or as I like to call them: "our magic"

  • Understanding and empathizing with the feelings of others; realizing "where they are coming from".
  • A talent for creative expression which can turn ordinary things and situations into something magical.
  • An enhanced feeling of connection with and sensitivity toward the world around them.
  • The ability to see many facets of a problem and the many ways it might be resolved for the best.
  • The ability to make creative and valuable use of time spent alone.
  • Openness to the spiritual connections between all things.
  • ENFJs become increasingly creative, visionary and empathetic, and are therefore effective and kind managers of businesses, people, and various situations that life presents.

Knowing about my personality type has helped me greatly in understanding myself and how I react to many situations. It has also helped me to accept people for who they truly are. I don't try to change anyone! At home, my kids and I live a very harmonious life because we know each other's personality types as well; and, this has helped us understand our communication styles and to structure our family support system.  

My son Reece is an INFJ personality type. Also known as - The Counselor. My son is an "introverted" person. He doesn't like to deal with large crowds. I've heard him say a few times, "I hate people!" when he gets really frustrated. He's very quiet, passive and conservative with strong family values. Traditions are very important for him. 

Rio, Nancy and Sabrina
Now with my daughters Rio and Sabrina, I'm pleased to announce that both of them are also ENFJ Personality Types - This means that they're both just like their Momma! LMAO!!! We are extremely "extroverted" women. I'm the ENFJ who doesn't shut up because I'm constantly motivating others! My daughter is Rio is a walking Judge! She's the ENFJ who's constantly fighting for equality and justice for all! And my daughter Sabrina is the comedian. She's the ENFJ who sees entertainment and making people laugh as the best way to connect with them. I know, you're already feeling sorry for my son Reece. LOL! 

I think that by finding out and understanding our strengths and weaknesses; we could live a peaceful life at home, at our work place, at school; or anywhere for that matter!  I don't believe in going to see a therapist or a psychologist to try to figure out who we really are; when we have all the information accessible to us! 

If you want to find out more about your personality type by taking The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment test please click here: The Myers - Briggs Personality Test and have fun discovering your own MAGIC! <3 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A really good friend of mine called me last week. She was stranded at the side of the road due to a flat tire; and, she asked if I could change it for her. I said yes, of course. It was around 8 pm, when I was driving to meet with my friend. I remember that I was so tired from my workday; and, 
I was regretting telling my friend that I was going to help her.  But, I'd already given her my word, so I had no other choice. 

Once I got to the spot where she was stranded, she was so happy to see me. She hugged me and gave me a kiss; and, then she said that a man had offered to help her out. But, she told him that she already had someone on the way. 

As we were changing the tire, we had such a good time talking about different anecdotes from our past. We made fun of each other and laughed out loud as we were working that I'd totally forgotten that I was even tired. Once we were done, we said goodbye, she went home and so did I. 

As I was driving back home, I began to think about all the things that I've learned to do since I got divorced. Changing a flat tire is one of those things.  I'm a member of AAA roadside assistance; but, I didn't want to call them because I really wanted to show my friend that changing a flat tire is something really easy and she could do it too. 

Before I got divorced, I was the kind of woman who didn't even know what an odometer was; even though I was driving a car every single day. How embarrassing! I didn't know how to use a lawn-mower or a weedwacker. I didn't have any tools and I was completely clueless about how to fix things around the house! 

It wasn't until 2010 when I moved into a small house in Norco, CA that I began to challenge myself and learn new skills. First, I bought a really inexpensive set of tools from Walmart. There are not the best tools ever; but, they have saved my butt many times! My first project was when I purchased a washer and a dryer because I was the one who hooked them up. 

I'd initially hired a man to mow the lawn; but, soon I realized that with what I was paying him, I could buy my own lawn-mower and cut the grass myself. So, I bought a lawn-mower and a weedwacker without knowing how to use either one! LOL! I think I did OK, the first time I used the lawn-mower; but, by the second time I had broken so many sprinkler heads, it was embarrassing! hahahahaha!!! 

I then had to learn how to fix the sprinkler heads! Oh man! Plumbing is a bitch! Just saying! LOL! I went to my local Home Depot so many times, that the employees there would see me and ask, "Hi Nancy! How are the kids? What did you break this time? Did you take a picture?" hahahahaha!!!! 

One day, the lawn-mower was acting up; so, I read the manual and it said that it needed oil. I went and purchased the oil for the lawn-mower and poured it in the designated area. The problem was that I didn't measure the oil before pouring it and I almost emptied the whole bottle. When I started the lawn-mower again, all of this stupid black smoke came from the bottom of the lawn-mower and next thing I know, I was covered up with a thin layer of fine oil. I went inside the house and once I saw myself in the mirror, I began to laughed my ass off because I looked as if someone had spray painted me black! hahahahahaha!!!! 

And don't even get me started about fixing stuff in the bathroom! Once, I had to replace the sink drain pipe, oh I changed it alright! But, I was throwing up too! hahahahaha!!! Gosh, that's so disgusting!!!! 

What I keep learning is really not to depend on a man. I'm capable of doing basically everything that a dude can do. All I have to do is think positive; and, I know I will succeed! It's very simple! Of course I get many dudes who are skeptical when I tell them I'm going to do something! Like the guys at Pep Boys when I told them that I was going to change my own front break pads. They wanted to charge me $210 to do something I can do myself; and, the break pads only cost me $20. It was hard work; but, I did it!!! ;-) 

I've always been an extremely active woman; so, learning to do something that requires mind and body coordination gets me super excited!!!! I love snowboarding, wake-boarding, dirt bike-riding, skydiving! Whatever gives me an adrenaline rush and challenges me; that's exactly what I want to do! 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

But, at the same time I can be passive and spend a whole weekend sometimes just writing. Whether it is material for this blog or legal paperwork or just simply tracking all my business expenses.  

Another thing that is very important for me is to make time for my hobbies. I enjoy sewing to a level that I can't even describe! I get so excited when I go to the store and buy material for one of my projects. Knowing that I'm walking out of the store with a piece of cloth that I'm going to be turning into a garment, or a gown, or curtains, or a costume is an adrenaline rush for me! 

The other day, I was at my hair salon and one of the hairstylist there was complaining about her second husband who was abusive towards her. She mentioned that she wanted to get a divorce and then she said, "I need a man who can support me". I was like, "What?!" I almost jumped out of the chair where I was sitting in, like in the fucking Exorcist! I told her, "You don't 'need' a man! You have a job! You provide a service to others. You make people feel good by doing their hair. You're beautiful! You have a brain, your body is complete, you're bilingual! What are you missing? Nothing!!! You don't 'need' a man!". At this point I had everyone's attention at the hair salon, "You 'need' someone to pay your bills, that's what you just said! You're capable to make your own money! And make as much money as you like!"

The problem with this lady is that she believes that she "needs" a man when in reality she doesn't! The sad thing is that she got married the first time to a man that she thought she "needed". Then she got a divorce; and, went and married a second man that she thought she "needed". I know she'll get divorce from the second husband. And I'm pretty sure that she'll find a third man that she thinks she "needs" and this cycle is going to continue! I've seen it happen so many times! 

That's why I strive to learn something new everyday. Not only for myself; but, at the same time I'm teaching my daughters and other women that women are capable to do anything that we set our minds to! There's no "need" for a man. I think that once you become an independent woman; then, you can decide if you "want" a man and not "need" a man. There's a difference! 

If more women became SUPERWOMEN our whole world would change! Because women would be raising their children to be independent and to learn the difference from "need" to "want". Many conformity cycles would be broken! And the stupid ideology that women are the weaker sex would finally be over! It would encourage men to actually behave like "true men"; but, it all start with us... 


Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl