Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to my Awesome Craziness!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers; those of you who had been here from the beginning of the SBG adventures and continue to support me up to this day, I’m very grateful to you! ;-) And to those of you who just recently found out about my blog: WELCOME TO MY AWESOME CRAZINESS! Lol! This blog has over 30,000 page views thus far! And I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you very much!!! <3

So, here are a few updates… I’ve created a brand new blog, which I will be releasing tomorrow (April 1st, 2014) named: La Maestra CienFuegos”. On this blog I’ll be teaching Spanish.  I got the idea and the motivation to create this new brand because my children are not fluent in Spanish. (The ironic thing is that I can’t shut up when I speak Spanish! Go figure? LOL) My three kids are teenagers now; but, their Spanish is at three different levels. My youngest is a beginner; my oldest is Intermediate and my middle child is Advance. I decided to help each and one of my kids at their own level; but most importantly, at their “own” time! ;-)

Since I’m going to be downloading the Spanish lessons onto YouTube and post pictures with descriptions on “La Maestra CienFuegos” Blog, I’ve decided to make all this information public and accessible to anyone who would like to learn Spanish too. The blog will start with a “Spanish word of the day” every single day. The lessons will be posted every Tuesday of the week (YouTube and Blogger) and on Fridays; I will be posting a song on YouTube including lyrics.

The lessons will include subjects like, culture, travel, traditions, celebrations, history, sports, music, geography, literature, important people, and everything that has to do with the Spanish-speaking world!

How about the blog’s name? You may ask. I named this blog “La Maestra CienFuegos”. “La maestra” means “the teacher” and “CienFuegos” it’s my nickname. My grandfather started calling me “CienFuegos” since I can remember. “CienFuegos” means “One Hundred Fires” LOL! My grandpa not only had a great sense of humor; but, I guess he was right! You can follow “La Maestra CienFuegos” on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube. ;-) 

Super Bond Girl: will continue to be related to Bail Bonds. My name is so embedded with my SBG brand that it’s really awesome every single time I hear people calling me “Super Bond Girl” when they see me out in the street, at a store, or at an event! It always brings a smile to my heart! I appreciate it very much! Thank you! The posts for the SBG blog are now uploaded every Monday morning. You can also follow me, 



I’m so excited about this new adventure we’re embarking on. And I say, “We” because I can’t do everything by myself! My dear friend Wendy is helping me with everything!  I’m really blessed to finally be working with someone who shares the same vision and together we have great synergy.  

So, let’s get started!!!! Welcome to my Awesome Craziness!!!!

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