Monday, July 28, 2014


Let me introduce you to my first trademark! On September 18, 2012, I became the owner of Registration No. 4,209,526 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

My service mark consists of a cartoon image of a female (me) breaking through the bars of a jail cell with her body (actually, breaking through the bars of a jail cell with my "boobs" would be more accurate!). The front of the shirt has the stylized text: "Ask me About Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds". On the top of the picture there is the stylized text "BUST OUTTA JAIL" I decided to used the word "Bust" because you know, I'm all about my boobs! LOL! And at the bottom of the picture, there is the stylized text, "SUPERBONDGIRL.COM". 
And who owns SUPERBONDGIRL.COM? Yep! Me! ;-) 

How did this design come about? In 2011, I ordered a small amount of T-shirts to be printed with the words "Ask me about Bail Bonds" ("Bail Bonds" only one time). The problem was that the lady who I placed my order with, didn't measure my "bust" before printing the words on my t-shirts. When my order was ready and I went to pick up my shirts, I noticed that you couldn't read the words "Bail Bonds" because they were hidden right under my breast! So, the screen-printing lady suggested to add the words "Bail Bonds" two more times on my T-shirts and Violá! What an awesome design! ;-) 

My Dad's design idea.
I then, asked my Dad to design an idea for my logo. I told him that I wanted my image to be breaking through the bars of a jail cell with my boobs; and, he did a pretty good job! Once I had that logo idea, I took it to a graphic designer; so, he could make it suitable for screen-printing. Initially, I had the words "OUT ON BAIL" at the top; but, most bail bond companies use that. I decided then to changed it to "BUST OUTTA JAIL" and embraced my individually since my image is "busting" out of jail! Lol! I now sell my T-shirts with this design for $20.00 each. 

My service mark is registered under International Class: 36 - Insurance and Financial Services, for: Bail Bonding. Also U.S. classes: 100, 101 and 102. 
Class 100: Presses. 
Class 101: Printing. 
Class 102: Ammunition and Explosives.
Why ammunition and explosives? I have no fucking clue! hahahaha!!!! But, it's there; so, I'm rolling with it! 

I've decided to share this information with you, since I have the motherfucking assholes from DC Comics (Warner Bros.) and Danjaq (James Bond Films) up my little Guatemalan ass! Obviously, I already own a trademark with my website: SUPERBONDGIRL.COM in connection to: Bail Bonds

Just in case, for the "MORONS" who think that my mark SUPER BOND GIRL is "likely to cause confusion and lead consumers to falsely believe that my 'services' under my mark emanate from or are affiliated with those of DC Comics or Danjaq (James Bond films)". 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, July 21, 2014

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! - (Warner Bros/DC Comics)

"Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn to live like an animal
In the jungle where we play
If you got a hunger for what you see
You'll take it eventually
You can have anything you want
But you better NOT take it from ME"


I'm a woman who's full of "Snuggly Goodness"... Until you piss me off! Then you will pray for the end I may never give you!  It's the "Law of Cause and Effect". If you come and try to fuck with me; it's coming right back at you! It's that simple! 

John Wayne said, “Don’t pick a fight, but if you find yourself in one I suggest you make damn sure you win.” And right now, I'm honestly in a fight. A fight to trademark my brand, SUPER BOND GIRL. Obviously, I've created something really good. So good, that I have DC Comics (Warner Bros.) and Danjaq (James Bond films) up my ass, trying to stop me! 

I believe that in order to achieve greatness, you  have to go through a lot of pain and many setbacks. But, in order to achieve that success you have to push through all the bullshit and trust yourself! 

Christopher C. Larkin
Now, let me get to the juicy stuff! As you know, I already blogged about Danjaq, LLC ("Danjaq") which owns the trademarks associated with the "James Bond" films and their stupid attorney, Christopher C. Larkin (Seyfarth Shaw LLP), didn't even bother looking me up before sending me a letter. If you haven't read that blog entry yet, please click here: haven't heard anything from Mr. Larkin since our last conversation on June 27th, 2014. But, I'm ready for whatever else the James Bond people are going to throw at me! 

Megan L. Martin
On June 27, 2014, literally right after I hang up the phone with Mr. Larkin; I received a letter via e-mail from Megan L. Martin who's the Vice President of Intellectual Property Counsel, on behalf of DC Comics ("DC"). Once again, I just want to clarify that I really don't give a fuck about these people! But, they continue to create "free" publicity for me, my name, and my brand! I actually feel as if I've received an early Birthday present! Because they are providing me with what I needed most, "EXPOSURE". ;-) 

In her letter, Mrs. Martin went on and on with mumbo-jumbo bullshit that "DC" is the owner of the world-famous Superman and Supergirl characters and that DC and its predecessors have worked tirelessly to maintain and develop Superman and Supergirl which are important assests to DC Comics. And then again, I was reading this shit thinking, "Superman and Supergirl aren't BAIL BOND AGENTS, are they?" How fucking irrelevant is this shit?!!!! 

Then Mrs. Martin continued by saying that they had discovered my use of a five-sided SBG-in-Shield design on t-shirts and my website and that it's remarkably similar to DC's registered S-in-Shield trademarks.  See? This lady actually took her time to look me up! Maybe, the Larkin dude from Seyfarth Shaw Attorneys should take pointers from this chick. 

For the record, I just want to point out that I have twelve black t-shirts (12 units) printed with that SBG logo. I only ordered 12 because that was the "minimum" I could order. But, now that I got this letter from DC, I'm going to sell those 12 t-shirts on Ebay. Those 12 t-shirts are now, "One of a kind." hahahaha!!! :-P 

Super Bond Girl - Nancy Tiscareno

Mrs. Martin also stated that my use of my mark SUPER BOND GIRL and SBG-in-Shield design is likely to cause confusion and lead consumers to falsely believe that my services under SUPER BOND GIRL emanate from or are affiliated with those of DC. OK. I know, I am "The Man" and I'm flattered that Mrs. Martin recognizes that I'm a "Bad-Ass"; but, come on... really? Are people that fucking stupid? 

Then she added, that my mark SUPER BOND GIRL and the SBG-in-Shield design dilutes the famous quality of the Supergirl and the S-in-Shield marks to identify DC's goods exclusively. And by using my mark SUPER BOND GIRL and my SBG-in-shield design constituted: trademark infringement. I look into "trademark infringement" and this is what I found: 

"is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees (provided that such authorization was within the scope of the licence). Infringement may occur when one party, the 'infringer', uses a trademark which is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by another party, in relation to products or services which are identical or similar to the products or services which the registration covers. An owner of a trademark may commence civil legal proceedings against a party which infringes its registered trademark."

OK. So according to the previous paragraph, clearly states that the "products or services" have to be "similar or identical" to the product or services that are covered by the trademark. Supergirl is trademarked as "Comic magazines" and my application to trademark SUPER BOND GIRL is for entertainment, an educational reality show, and advice about "BAIL BONDS!!!!!!!!"

What about my logo? I wasn't planning on trademark my SBG-in-Shield logo. But, with the help from Mrs. Martin letter, I've decided to alter such design to enhance my individuality and am currently collaborating with my graphic artist on a new SUPER BOND GIRL design. I'm actually really excited about this project because my SBG logo is going to get it's own blog post within the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned! 

I continued reading Mrs. Martin's letter, and read the last paragraph she wrote: 

"we request that you (1) cease all use of , and abandon any future plans to use, the SUPER BOND GIRL mark and SBG-in-Shield design; (2) expressly withdraw U.S. App. Ser. No. 85/783,496; and (3) confirm in writing by July 11, 2014 that you have done so. If you fail to comply with these demands fully and promptly, DC reserves all rights to take whatever actions are necessary to protect its valuable intellectual property." Ah Mrs. Martin! You fucked with the wrong bitch! 

I'm going to make things very clear: No one tells me what to do!  No one gives me, ultimatums or deadlines! No one "demands" anything from me! I would never allow anyone to intimidate me or bully me in any way! I don't give a fuck that Mrs. Martin works for the Warner Bros., DC Comics, or the Taliban for that matter! So, FUCK OFF!!! 

Megan L. Martin 

Intimidation tactics work with 95% of the world population! But, when someone tries to intimidate me, it PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! I've worked very hard to build my brand and I'm not going to let a fucking asshole take it away from me! FEAR is not going to stop me! I've come too far to give up now! 

SUPER BOND GIRL is mine! And I'm ready to fight for my mark! The more these fucking assholes continue to oppose and send me letters and stupid shit, the more exposure I will create! At this moment in my life: I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! 

Welcome to the jungle: motherfucking assholes!

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Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, July 7, 2014

What SUPER BOND GIRL "actually" does!

People usually ask me, "Nancy, what do you actually do?" And apparently even the people in the "entertainment" industry (Danjaq, James Bond,Warner Bros, DC Comics) have NO FUCKING CLUE!!!

So, here you go! - This is what I "actually" do!  

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl