Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Hustle is Tough...

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, January 12, 2015

COUGARS = Just Wanna Have Fun!

I recently received an email from one of my readers from France that read, 

"Hello from Paris. Sorry for my English if I make a mistake as I am French. First of all I would like to  congratulate you for your blog and most of all for your determination, it is quite amazing! My Mom (43) got divorced with my father a bit less than 2 years ago; but, were separated one year before. After her divorce she went into a small depression. So, she decided to get a new lifestyle and join a fitness club near her work. After a few weeks there she totally changed, felt much happier, prettier and lost all the weight she took after her separation. She even changed her style of clothes into more feminine and shorter. 
I'm so proud and so happy for her, and I recognize her story in yours. However, since this summer she started to date younger men. I must admit I was quite surprised and uncomfortable at the beginning; but, she seems very happy with that and blooming. What do you think about that? Should she continue or should she go back with men of her age? I'd love to have your point of view."   

Aww! How sweet is this? First, I would like to thank this reader for visiting my blog. I already replied to his email directly; and, I gave him my points of view in regards to his Mom dating younger men. "Go, Mom!!! Woohoo!!!" -Then I thought, "I should blog about my points of view in regards to dating younger dudes. Why not?" 

Getting divorced is a very hard and difficult emotional roller-coaster ride! Why do you think I'm not remarried? Lol! Getting divorced is a super crazy experience; and, it’s hard for other people to understand the pain that we (the divorced people) feel inside (both men and women suffer) while going through the whole dissolution process. And let's not forget that if there are kids involved, the children suffer too. 

I've met many women who just get into a depression state and they don’t move from there! They stop living! And it's very sad that they let themselves go. This young man's Mom didn't do that. She gave herself  time to mourn the loss of her marriage (I gave myself a whole year to mourn before I started dating; but, everyone is different). Then, she decided to spend time on herself by going to the fitness center and losing weight and changing her style! Those are GREAT changes! His mom is actually enjoying this new opportunity in her life; and, her new journey is making her happy. I think that our main purpose in life is to be HAPPY. If we're not happy; then, what the hell are we here for? Right? And even though, I don't know this lady personally; I'm very PROUD of her! ;-) 

Now about this young man's Mom dating younger men… I’m going to share with you why I like dating younger men. Younger men are FUN! (Plus they're in shape! Hot bodies! Yum!) Lol! -They are not looking for commitment; they only want to have fun! And for us, divorced women who are over 40 years old; well, we want to have FUN too! ;-) The adventures and the possibilities of having fun with a younger man are endless because they are open minded and have no fear! And of course, the woman is the one who decides if she wants to be in a relationship with someone or not.  

Although, right now I don't have any time for the dating
scene. When I've gone on dates, I would always pick a younger dude over an older chap. And by saying "an older chap" I mean a dude over 40. Lol! Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "But Nancy, you're 41; that means you're old too." hahahaha!!! Yes, of course! But, unfortunately the older dudes that I've dated were looking for a submissive, conforming and passive woman. And as you might be able to tell, I'm NOT submissive, conforming, passive, traditional nor conventional! Yep! You're not going to meet another girl like me... Lol! ;-)  

I don't anticipate to get remarried anytime soon. For me, getting married is not a necessity nor a priority. But, then again, who knows? Perhaps, I'll be like Tina Turner getting married at 73! Lol! that’s why for me it's super fun to date younger men. Perhaps this young man's mom feels the same way as I do… Or perhaps, she will find someone a little more age appropriate? Who knows what her future holds? But, we have to remember that this is her life. If she finds love, then that’s awesome!!!! LOVE doesn't see age, background, gender, or race… Love is love! <3 His mom is having fun right now and I’m so happy that she’s not depressed anymore. I’m sure she looks fabulous too! Good for her! <3 

In my opinion, people who are not happy get caught up with other people's opinions about what "happiness" should look like for them. But, once you begin to understand that you're the creator of your own happiness; you'll never let anyone else steal your joy! I really hope that this young man who sent me this email, keeps appreciating and supporting his mom in her efforts to create happiness and joy in her new life! <3 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl 

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's MY LIFE!!!!

Happy New Year to you, my dear readers! I hope 2015 brings you everything your heart desires: love, health, prosperity, family; but most importantly, HAPPINESS! ;-) 
2015 would be my fifth year as a blogger; and, I'm super excited to continue sharing my adventures and points of view with you all! 

I had been stressing out for most of 2014 due to my legal matters with Danjaq, LLC, (the owners of the James Bond films) in regards of my trademark, "Super Bond Girl." As you probably know, I'm representing myself. Most of my time is now consumed in doing research and studying trademark law; that I began to neglect my content production for my YouTube channel!  It has been really frustrating for me to received daily notifications of people subscribing to my channel when I haven't created any content since April 2014! 

I began to think, "Well, maybe I could make a second YouTube channel; so, I can post only my sewing and craft projects there". But, the truth is, I've created costumes and I've sewn many props that I've used for my Super Bond Girl marketing; and for some of the photos that accompany my blog posts. Everything that I do is connected to Super Bond Girl one way or another. 

My dilemma for many months was, "How am I supposed to manage a second YouTube channel when I don't even have time for the first one? How do I divide all my content? I have so many gifts, talents and ideas; but, how can I manage everything? My family, my bail bond business, all my entertainment projects, my marketing stuff; and on top of that, a lawsuit with the James Bond people! I'm a one woman team here!" Honestly, there been days where I ask myself, "Can I do this?" And something deep inside me, tells me "yes I can"; so, I keep on going. 

It wasn't until last week on New Year's Eve; when I was drying my hair, getting ready to attend a friend's New Year's party when it all hit me! -"I AM SUPER BOND GIRL! I dictate how I want to live my life! I'm the director, the producer, the leading actress, the script writer, the designer of my OWN life! Why am I stressing out about the content that I want to create and post in my own channel! The lawsuit with James Bond is not going to stop me nor should influence my decisions! This is MY LIFE! and I do whatever I want!" 

As soon I said that, I felt liberated! I felt empowered (boy, do I like this feeling!) and I'm so determined to create new content! I haven't slept much the past few days because I'm really engaged. 

The whole deal with my trademark is that the owners of the James Bond films don't want me to be the "superior" bond girl, right?  But the truth is, I have more talent and knowledge than all of those women collectively! I can sew a dress, I can change the break pads in your car, I can bail you out of jail and cook dinner for you, all on the same day!!! Yeah! Not even fucking James Bond can do that shit! I'm like the female version of Neo from the movie, The Matrix, "I'm the one." Lol! This is my life and it's going to be really exciting to show you on YouTube exactly what I do! I've been living my life on the edge since 2008; and at this point, I don't think I could live it any other way. 

Every year the universe sends me new challenges. It's a good thing because it's keeping me busy and entertained too! I've been discovering every year since 2008; the type of woman that I am and what I'm made of! It's been an awesome experience to grow and learn many things as an adult. Although, I've failed many times; and I've struggled due to my bad business decisions, I'm still willing to risk it all! I'm sure by the time someone decides to make a movie about my life, my struggles would only last about 40 minutes of the film. But, I think that If we want to succeed and make a difference in the world, we have to approach life just like Rocky Balboa's quote in Rocky V, "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!” Man! I've been hit hard so many times that I'm not even shocked when it happens anymore! I just dust myself off and "keep moving forward." 

2015 is the year when Super Bond Girl starts running! I think I paid my dues! Lol! It has taken me years to get to this point; and, now I'm ready!  I don't know how many years I still have to run. But, running is not the goal! My main goal is to fucking FLY!!!!!!!! ;-) 
Happy New Year 2015! 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl