Monday, February 23, 2015

Nancy Tiscareno is SUPER BOND GIRL

In my last week's blog post, I mentioned how Danjaq LLC.,(the owners of the James Bond Films) are starting to really pissing me off! Danjaq has absolutely no motherfucking business getting involved with anything that has to do with the "bail bond industry." But here they are getting into my business!

I control everything that has to do with "SUPER BOND GIRL". I'm the only person who creates my internet content and I'm the one who does the marketing for my brand. But last week, after I did a Google image search on myself and my brand. I found a picture of Monica Bellucci posing together with Daniel Craig (James Bond). I then clicked on that picture and I almost felt off my chair when I saw that Monica Bellucci was tagged with the words "super Bond girl" after her name!!!!!!!!! <- OH HELL TO THE MOTHERFUCKING NO!!!!

Coincidence? ... Yeah, No! I don't think so! 

I then clicked on that picture link and it directed me to an article posted last Wednesday (February 18, 2015) by Corriere dello Sport which is an Italian Newspaper where their photographer, Fuori dal Campo, posted 28 photos in which Monica Bellucci was named "super Bond girl." This article was due to Danjaq holding a Press Conference in Rome because they are currently filming there. 

View article here:,+super+Bond+girl+sul+set+a+Roma

Now let me share with you that as of today, I've never seen any James Bond film. I've never been interested into wasting at least two hours of my time in watching a film about a supposedly badass dude, when I'm a real badass woman. My life is so exciting all by itself; that I don't have to try to be entertained by a movie plot of some dude who is not even real. I think that only people with very boring lives like watching that kind of stuff.  

The only reason why I'm now wasting my time reading about this stupid shit is because of Danjaq's opposition to my trademark.  Other than that, I still wouldn't give a rat's ass about the James Bond films or any of the women who have been selected or will be portrayed as a Bond Girl for that matter. 

Last year in late November, Danjaq announced Monica Bellucci as the new Bond Girl. They are making a big deal about that fact that Bellucci is 50 years old and that makes her the oldest Bond Girl ever. In my opinion, the Danjaq dudes are trying the "cougar" thing, you know. 

I'm a feminist and I support and care very much about other women. I would never speak badly about another woman unless she's getting into my business, of course. I respect and admire other people's hustle; and, I always concentrate all my energy in minding my own business. I don't get involved in other people's lives. I like my peace. 

Miss Bellucci is a renown Italian actress and of course I don't have a problem with her. But, I'm obviously going to have issues if people from the media are going to start calling her or tagging her as "Super Bond Girl" because it's only evident that someone at Danjaq is requesting them to do so! It's very suspicious to me, that over 50 years of the James Bond films no one has ever use the term "Super Bond Girl" to describe any of the 75 women and counting who have been chosen to be Bond Girls. But all of the sudden, this year  that we'll be going to trial due to Danjaq's opposition to my mark "Super Bond Girl" this is happening?... -Coincidence? yeah, No! I don't think so!

Danjaq is concerned about the "public" getting confused with my mark "Super Bond Girl" in association with their Bond Girls. Well, stop asking the media to tag Miss Bellucci as "super bond girl" and problem solved! The "public" is not as stupid as Danjaq thinks they are.  

I hope that this is the first and last time that I get to see an actress portraying a Bond Girl in a James Bond film being tagged with my mark because... 
I am the one and only "SUPER BOND GIRL

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, February 16, 2015

What Are You Going To Do About It?

This year I wanted to start blogging about more positive things than negative ones. But, I already had my first "TIRADE" of 2015 a few blog post ago! Lol! I'm just not going to tolerate having a dude telling me what to do. 

I usually tell people, "Bad things happen to all of us. The question is, "What are we going to do about it?"' I've learned, especially working in the bail bond industry, that even if bad things happen to me; I always have to fight back no matter what! 

Yes, I used to be the person who sat down on the couch and cried. I complained about how difficult my life was. I called several friends and whined about my bad situation. But, I wasn't getting anything productive done other than wasting valuable energy in being a cry-baby! 

Don't get me wrong! I do cry sometimes, I'm not a robot. But, I've learned that no one is ever going to benefit from being "negative." 

As you probably know, I'm currently dealing with Danjaq, LLC., the owners of the James Bond films because they're opposing my application to trademark my mark "Super Bond Girl." I knew that at some point during this process I was going to cry and last month it finally happened. I was overwhelmed with the paperwork that Danjaq's attorney requested from me; and to make matters worse, my scanner wasn't working properly. I felt as if I was being punished for being a creative and innovative woman. And quite honestly, I'm getting pissed off now because I'm dealing with Danjaq; people who have absolutely nothing to do with the bail bond industry! 

But now, let me share with you the positive things... My kids have been amazingly supportive and encouraging through this time. My surety, AIA, and my boss have been super kind and understanding; and I've received so many messages, emails and texts from family members, friends and fans worldwide! How can I not be motivated to continue on; when I have so many people who believe in me. Aww! Thank you very much for all the support! <3 

"The battle you are facing is great. Many would immediately surrendered vanquished by fear, but you despite having fear, you fight because you are strong and determined. Someone said that you need the "Superman suit", I say that you do not need, you're SUPERBONDGIRL. You are near..."

Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, "Bad things happen to all of us. The question is, "What are we going to do about it?'" If I'm constantly asking people what are they going to do about their bad situation; then I have to set an example, right? That's why I'm still here fighting! Although, I've never seen this lawsuit as a bad thing. Danjaq is only helping me get more exposure. ;-) 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Monday, February 9, 2015

Día De Los Muertos (The day of the dead)

Last November I received a message from my good friend Rick Muñoz, who is an amazing air brush artist; where he asked me if I could be a model for a face painting project during an art show that he was going to be hosting. I replied with a big "yes", of course! ;-) 

Rick is the amazing artist who painted the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department logo on my boobs back in 2013. Perhaps you've seen that picture? LOL! I used that very provocative photo for a blog post where I wrote about the corrupted deputies working at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles, who were referring bail leads directly to the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. (It's illegal for the cops to refer bail leads "directly" to any bail bond company, just in case you were wondering). If you haven't read that blog post yet, here's the link: Things that make you go Hmmm?

My ex-husband Javier (LASD deputy) told me in 2008 when he left me in the street: "You have 'tits and ass', you'll figure it out" I'm pretty sure this is NOT what he had in mind! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 

The Rick Muñoz Art show was held November 22, 2014 in Whittier, CA. Rick asked me to show up without any make up on; that way, the face painting artists could do her job a lot easier. I don't usually wear a lot of make up; so, that was not a problem for me. 

Shortly after my arrival, I met the face painting and make up artist, Ericka Agosto. Ericka and Rick had a brief conversation about what Rick wanted to be featured on film. I was like, "What? Film? Did you say, 'film?'" I turned around and the camera crew was already setting up. Lol! Thanks for telling me, Rick! -Rick told Ericka that he wanted to demonstrate really beautiful and bold colors for this face painting project; so, Ericka suggested "Día de los Muertos" make up. ;-)


At the time of this event, I didn't know anything about "Día de los Muertos" face painting. I've seen it before; but, I never asked anyone what's the meaning of this tradition. This is a Mexican custom and as you probably know, I was born in Guatemala. In Guatemala, we also celebrate the "Día de los Muertos" on November 1st. But, my family's tradition was to go to the cemetery and pay our respects to the family members who had passed away; and then, go back home and eat "Fíambre" (a traditional Guatemalan plate) with the rest of our family. That was it! And if I remember correctly, "Día de los Muertos" in Guatemala is a national holiday. 

I did a little research about the meaning of Día de los Muertos face painting and this is what I found... 

"The Day of the Dead tradition is a mixture of Catholic beliefs with the religions of indigenous Mexican people.The most common design for Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead), is to paint the face to resemble a skull. For people not familiar with Latin American culture and the celebration of the day of the dead, this might seem strange and even scary. However, the skull has a uniquely positive meaning in Dia de los Muertos, very different from the skeletons and ghosts of Halloween. 
Skulls – known as Calaveras or Calacas in Mexico – are an essential part of the symbolism of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. They are used not only as the basis for painting faces, but also are the shape of candy such as sugar skulls and for many skeleton-inspired decorations. 

The day of the dead in Mexico is a fascinating mixture of Spanish Catholic and native Aztec traditions and beliefs. Skulls and skeletons were an important part of All Saints Day festivals in medieval Europe, especially since the Black Death ravaged the population of Europe in the 1300s. Across Europe artists, playwrights and poets mused on the theme of 'memento mori' (remember death) and the 'dance of the dead'. Many artworks and books from the time depict dancing skeletons, or portraits with a skull to 'remember death'. 

At the same time, in Mexico, the Aztec culture believed life on earth to be something of an illusion – death was a positive step forward into a higher level of conscience. For the Aztecs skulls were a positive symbol, not only of death but also of rebirth.
People in Mexico wear traditional skull masks, and the tradition of painting faces to look like a skull has grown up as a variation to this. The wearing of masks has been a powerful symbol throughout traditional cultures, of the ability of humans to get in touch with their darker, chaotic side. Face-painting as skulls is a chance to overcome fear of death, act recklessly and get up to the mischief that is forbidden at other times of the year!" -Marie McKeown

Wow! In my opinion the Mexican version of "Día de los Muertos" is pretty awesome!!! ;-) 

I had a chance to talk to Ericka while she was doing my "Día de los Muertos" face painting. I asked her how did she decide to become a make up artist.  Ericka told me that she works at the same hospital where they filmed the show "Grey's Anatomy." One Halloween, she did her own make up and showed up to work like that. She received so many compliments from the crew, patients and other people working at the hospital about how awesome her make up looked. That she decided to pursuit her passion and that's how she became a make-up artist! Aww! -I love when I meet people who create their own dreams! ;-)  

I took a picture almost step-by-step of this beautiful face painting process because I wanted to share it with you. This was an awesome and very special experience for me. I got to meet Ericka who's a very talented, gorgeous and humble woman. And I would like to thank Rick Muñoz for including me and letting me be part of his art show. I had a lot fun; but most importantly, I learned something new! Thank you Rick! ;-) 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl 

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Don't Give A Damn 'bout My Bad Reputation

I still don't understand why some men feel the need to send me an email, a message or a text, just to tell me to stop expressing myself!  Especially, when these men are not involved in my life; and, they are married or in a relationship with other women! These men are not helping me raise my kids. They are not paying my bills. They are not contributing in any way to build my business. I don't bother them or tell them what to do! So, I don't comprehend why they think that they can come and bother me by telling me what to do! 

I don't give a rat's ass about the things other people do! Everybody is FREE to do whatever the fuck they want! It's not my fault that most people live their lives in bondage to what "society" (religion, politics, school, media, tradition, etc.,) is telling them to do! But, when you finally understand that you're in control of your own life and refuse to conform just like everyone else is doing; that's when people start talking shit about you. You become the "black sheep" of the group and people HATE you for it! It takes bravery to go on and make your own path; but, only a few of us have the courage to not follow the "herd."

Sal Chamsi - Montana Bail Bonds
Since I started building "Super Bond Girl" back in 2011, I've faced so much hate from my competition! I was expecting that, of course. I know I have a flamboyant personality; and, most people can't handle that! Specially right after I did the pink bikini picture! That picture was a complete shock for so many people in the bail bond industry! I received messages and phone calls from other bail bondsmen complaining about it, some men even told me to take it down. The female bail agents called the Department of Insurance to complain about me. They didn't have the guts to say anything to my face; so, they thought that by calling the Department Of Insurance, they were going to stop me! 

Sal wrote, that I'm his "friend" and he cares about my "reputation" ... Hmmm?

Every single time I've received a phone call from the Department Of Insurance; I hear the same thing, "Nancy, another bail bond company called and complained about you". And my answer to the Department Of Insurance is the same all the time, "Oh, no! someone complained? Ask me if I give a shit!" hahahahahaha!!! I say it nicely, of course! But, that's what I mean every single time the dudes from the Department Of Insurance have called me. What I do is not illegal; but, it is DIFFERENT! ;-) 

Everybody is worried about what everybody else is doing; but, they don't check themselves first! And when you stand up and fight back, then you're the one who's the asshole! Oh really?! This brings me to another problem that I've been dealing with for some time now with other stupid idiots who are NOT even in the bail bond industry! 

Last September, my friend, David, who I've known for over four years, sent me a text telling me to stop posting my private life on Facebook! I was like, "What the fuck is his problem?! It's my Facebook, my life and I do whatever the fuck I want!" I couldn't contain myself; so, I called him and we told each other off! That was the last time we spoke! I made sure that David understood that I want absolute nothing to do with him! He decided to ruin our friendship by telling me what to do, something he never did before! That was the only reason why he stuck around in my circle for over 4 years! Because he never told me what to do! And all of the sudden, "he" felt "entitled" to tell me what to do? FUCK THAT SHIT! 

David said that he was only telling me to stop posting my private life on my Facebook because he was my "friend" and he was "looking out for my 'reputation'" What's the deal with these fucking assholes looking out for "my" reputation?! I don't give a fuck about my reputation! Whatever people think of me, that's their problem, not mine! I do what I want! If people like me, that's cool! And if people don't like me, that's cool too! I don't worry about other people's opinions! Quite honestly, the older I get, the less I give a fuck about what people think of me! 

Joe Ferarji
Last week, I received a message via Facebook from a dude named: Joe Ferarji. I met Joe in 2011 when I went out dancing with a group of friends to the Costa Rica Restaurant in Santa Ana (Best salsa dancing place in the O.C.!) I've never dated this dude! I don't "shoot the shit" with him! I don't go to parties, or barbecues or family events with this dude! I don't care what he does! We're not friends! To me, friends are people who I "actually" hang out with! I don't hang out with Joe! On top of this, Joe has a girlfriend!!! So, on the evening of January 26, I received the following message from Joe and this is how our conversation went...

The picture that Joe was referring to and added in this message, was a picture I posted on my wall right after I'd finished with a huge document I had to submit to the James Bond Films attorney. As you probably know, I'll be going to trial with them next month for the right to trademark my mark, "Super Bond Girl." I think this is a bullshit lawsuit; but, the James Bond people have all the money in the world. I, on the other hand, I'm just so fucking stubborn! Lol! 

I love expressing myself and keeping things real! What you see is what you get! I don't pretend to be someone that I'm not! I not going to give any explanations to any motherfucking asshole who's trying to tell me how to live my life! I DO WHAT I WANT! Why it is so hard for these fuckers to understand this? 

From this point on, every single time I get an asshole trying to get into my business; I'm going to bust their balls! Look how many balls I just busted with this blog post! I'm sick and tired of having to deal with cowards who think that they can tell me what to do! Mind your own fucking business!  

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl